Monday, February 12, 2018


May we spring a new romance
to feel your fingers in my hand
to hear you whisper "yes I am"
to know the gentle touch of reason
within the words we craft for pleasing 
a not so subtle audience
tune out the muddled interference
that implicates the human spirit
is anything other
than a well renowned number

Monday, October 16, 2017

Problem Solver

We all saw this coming
We all thought of running
faster than a bullet
we're all dead of something

Another guy up in a window
another sign of the crescendo
another life, another rifle, another homicidal psycho
another bible toting hypocrite
highlighting all our differences
suicide missions with a world full of witnesses
no question what the sickness is
we're addicted to the tragic
we love to watch a fire
to see what rises from the ashes

No one saw this coming
we were singing us some country
faster than a bullet
we were all screaming something

There's a guy up in a window
and the fire's automatic
It's Stephen Craig Paddock
he's here to cause some havok
he's high as hell on Valiums
he wants to feel the ground move
he's a product with a value
he's a cost of this culture
another post traumatic soldier
who wants some media exposure
for a war in his mind
that we've already sold you

Friday, October 13, 2017

The Death of Honesty

We hide the truth somewhere sacred
it's somewhere lost inside our hatred
we live a lie
we cry for death
we believe in a god that's not impressed
we're given names, yet we're somehow nameless
a different model in the same matrix
we're losing patience
we're waking up
you were right to fear the future, son
they're killing men with jobs and phones
imprison men within their homes
in prison men are caged alone
for any action uncondoned
a censored life
a sense of purpose
we're equal in the way we're worthless
its called a service because we're servants
prepare for life beneath the surface

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Indian Style

They sell their spit as rain
we revel in our shame
the rebels outta settle
on where to shift the blame
the divisionary game is
the way they entertain kids
when they get you where the brain is
praise Jesus and the famous
humans are the strangest
form of coward and courageous
we worship gods and nations
looking past each other on our space ships

Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Hollow Cost

If you got something to say you might as well save it
my counter point is your face in the pavement
I tire of talking to pacified zombies
who speak of economies and winning the lottery
who think God hates sodomy and babies shouldn't die
who think humans grow wings and live in the sky
who think evil men live in the core of the earth
who think the core of a man is his financial worth 
who thinks anymore is the real fucking question
we parrot opinions and ignore the lessons
accepting blessings because they're needed
we're fatter than the ego we're feeding
we're becoming the lesser of more than 2 evils
hundreds of millions of guilty ass people

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Symptom of Arrogance

The questions we don't ask are the ones that we're made of
like why they painted Jesus white and made him betray us
Are the people in charge the ones we're afraid of?
What do they do with the money after they rape us?

Build satellites to silently tape us
psychologically they spit in our faces
push us around, tell us to be gracious
No wonder we're all fucking racists
the rich all have the same colored faces

So protesters grab your torches
and set fire to the fortress
they don't want war, they just want worship
it's all about that keep you poor shit
when you can't afford the cost of living
you must burn down the fucking city

Monday, August 10, 2015

Well Dressed

It's how we grieve like death's unimpressed
It's how we live like there's a monetary cost of success
It's how we breed like it's the answer to our sadness
It's how we read into the lies that brings us madness 
It's how we leave like breath from a chest
out into the world to become everything unseen
If this was a dream I think I'd never sleep again
Too many demons for me to comprehend

Friday, August 7, 2015


I trust you
to know the difference
between a judgement and an inference
when I look the other way
while you're expressing your opinions

My desire is to slander
your one way path to danger
slap the shit out of a neighbor
to remind them you're a stranger

I trust you out of habit
in the hopes it's worth the practice
last time I got my ass kicked
I learned nothing's truly classic

My hope is
when we both kiss
there's explosions out of focus
we burn hot where the smoke is
smoldering beneath the roses

Monday, November 3, 2014

in short

to contribute
to compromise
to not just not lie
to tell the truth when asked why
these things matter
we need look no further than the way things are
to understand the importance of honesty
because honestly, there's not an honest thing
about the way we conduct ourselves
there's no honor or nobility
we have the means but lack ability
to consider the consequences
of living so selfishly
as a species we'll be reaping
the fruits of no savior
there's no redeeming this type of behavior 

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Lost in the worth of the moment
loss in the worth of a vote
I tend to words like the worst
kind of food in your throat
what's worse than a world
with the illusion of hope
a knot in a rope
with no suicide note
what's worse than a world
with the illusion of hope
a thought so absurd
it ruins the joke

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fred's Dead

You need
in your soul
So we gave
to self-control

What more
can you teach me
when I've got
When I'm high
I get preachy
about the world
that I'm seeking
to die
like a giant
cut down
at his


May we spring a new romance to feel your fingers in my hand to hear you whisper "yes I am" to know the gentle touch of reason ...